Babá's Bagels

A Greek-American bagel shop.

Babá's Bagels is a hypothetical bagel place owned by a Greek-American family. The staple item on the menu, a Babá's bagel, was an improvised recipe by Babá (Greek word for dad), consisting of tomatoes, green peppers, feta, oregano, and olive oil. Babá has been making this bagel for his kids for years now, and even now that they are all grown and have moved away, he still makes them a bagel whenever they come home. This identity was made to create a fresh, family-friendly brand. From the color palette to the fun patterns and script typeface, Babá's Bagels creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its customers. The packaging is recyclable and plastic-free.


The packaging of Babá's Bagels retains the Greek aesthetic with its use of a clean white background in its designs. However, it strays from the Greek style by setting aside the stereotypical typefaces and motifs normally seen on Greek products (columns, olive leaves, key design etc) and instead uses a fresh, American twist, creating the perfect combination to show the brand of a Greek-American.

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