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Bold + Bare
An empowerment initiative to give alopecians the confidence to show their bare heads and move towards the destigmatization of hair loss in our society.

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"Bold + Bare" is about being authentic, lifting up others in the hair loss community, and accepting yourself. For many people, displaying a bare head is a bold move; one that is empowering not just for yourself, but for others too.

The logo is handwritten, initially done with a brush and ink and then digitized in Adobe Illustrator. The use of a handwritten logo creates a more personal and authentic touch. To contrast, Helvetica Neue, a bold and stark sans serif, is used for all other copy.

Due to COVID, the best way to get photos was through submissions from alopecians themselves. Originally there was concern about the quality of these portraits, but we realized that receiving photos from people just added more authenticity to the initiative. 

The color palette of the initiative is simply black and white, because of the variation in the portraits which already add color to the project. To try adding more color elsewhere would have taken emphasis away from the photos, which are the focal point of the initiative.

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