Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign Rebrand
Rebrand of a political campaign to reflect a set of ideals and stand apart from competitors.
Fall 2020
Inkululeko's Common Ground Café
Visual identity development by Design Corps.
Group project with teammates:
Hyunda Kang (hyundadesign.com)
Corey Patterson (coreyepatterson.myportfolio.com).
Spring 2020
Revlon Rebrand
Rebrand of Revlon that emphasizes the role that self-love plays in an individual's perception of what beauty means.
Fall 2019
Babá's Bagels
Brand identity for a bagel shop owned by a Greek-American family.
Spring 2019
Keeping Culture Alive: Life in Borough Park
Immerse yourself in a neighborhood in NYC and create a branded pop-up shop concept.
Fall 2020
National Black Women's Justice Institute
Rebrand proposal by Design Corps.
Spring 2020
Verified Creative
An initiative to increase the number of women in leadership positions in the creative industry.
Fall 2019
Munson Arts
A group project proposal to rebrand the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY.
Spring 2019