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Know Your [Voting] Rights
The past, present, and future of voting rights in the United States.

In the 2020 election season, Americans felt the pressure to vote like never before. Voter turnout for 2020 was record breaking, and while we celebrate this fact, it's important to remember the many obstacles that voters, especially those from minority groups, often face when trying to exercise this fundamental right.

This project takes a look at the past, present and future of voting rights. Each period informs the creation of a different spectacle, and they were all designed with a set of five constraints to work within.

For Spectacle I: the Past, I composed a short minute-long video showing the events of the first Selma march that became known as Bloody Sunday and was the turning point to finally get the Voting Rights Act signed.


For Spectacle II: the Present, I took the information from my research on current obstacles that voters still face and created a poster series that summarizes 4 issues that continue to disenfranchise people to this day.

Spectacle III: the Future, is an app that has access to the information you’d need to vote. It starts by asking you to enter your address, and then has different tabs for information including whats on your ballot, your registration status, and more.

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