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A dating app that filters potential matches based on what beliefs you’re looking for in a partner.

This brand was created around the theme "belief." By having a dating app that solely revolves around beliefs & values, the dating process is streamlined to connect you with likeminded individuals.

To feel "seen" is to feel understood and recognized. By putting your beliefs and values at the forefront of your dating search, you are making yourself vulnerable and seen.

The typeface Moret is used for the logotype and headings for its strong contrast in stroke weight. The thick v. narrow strokes are a stark contrast, similar to the stark differences in various beliefs.

The color palette uses the dark blue as a point of emphasis, with four additional warmer colors to accompany it.

The organic and fluid shapes that are often used as a framing device represent the pushing aside of those who don't line up with your beliefs, helping you find the right fit- indicated by the typically central focus on the dark blue elements.


After developing the brand strategy and visual identity, the next part entailed creating an activation of the brand through an experience.

The Dating Seen would function as a convention where users with similar beliefs could get to know each other face-to-face.

The visual applications of the event maintain the same visual expression as the Seen brand, but with slight variations to help the event stand out. Changes in copy and color application differentiate the event from the overall brand.

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